MTB Report Seminar Talk List


Unless announced otherwise, the seminar takes place monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 10.30am . Due to the SARS-CoV-2 related measures, the seminar takes place via video conference .

  • Nicole Schmidt (PhD Student Arbeitsgruppe Koch – Max-Eder Nachswuchsgruppe)
    Title: "Wetlab workflow - Drug screening"
    Date: 24th of February, 10.30 am
  • Philip Stegmaier
    Title: Developing a workflow for patient-specific analysis of pathways and network
    Date: 27th of January, 10.30 am
  • Prof. Dr. Tibor Kesztyüs
    Date: 16th of December; 10.30am. Talk is cancelled due to illness! We will inform as soon as we find a new date. 
  • Charlotte Höltermann
    Title: "Application of MTB report in an analysis of in vitro T-cell lymphoma models"
    Date: 25th of November, 10.30am
  • Jonas Hügel 
    Title: Aspects of Patient Similarity Searches in Molecular Tumorboards
    Date: 28th of October, 11.00am
  • Prof. Dr. Ulf Leser
    Title: Knowledge Management for Molecular Tumor Boards
    Date: 23rd of September, 12.30pm
  • Dr. Kirsten Reuter-Jessen and Jonas Hügel
    Title: Sequencing workflow in the mol patho and surrounding workflows for the molTB
    Date: 26th of August, 10.30am
  • Jingyu Yang
    Title:  Concept of the PhD thesis in the context of MTB project
    Date: 22nd of July, 10.30am
  • Vanessa Schlotzig
    Title: Comparison of different MTB tools
    Date: 22nd of May, 10.30am
  • Dr. Li Beißbarth
    Title: Example of case processing for molecular tumor boards at the UMG
    Date: Wed. 27th May, 10.30am
  • Dr. Jürgen Dönitz
    Title:,a model for a local knowledge repository?
    Date: Wed. 29th April, 10.30am

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