A knowledge base for integrating patient-specific pathways for individualized treatment decisions in clinical applications


Aims of this collaborative project

Molecular biomarkers play an increasing role for diagnosis and prediction of progession or therapy response in complex diseases such as cancer. Individualized treatment decisions and specialized drugs warrant the nedd to broaden the focus from singular biomarkers to pathways. While Omics technologies allow the parallel measurement of many different markers, pathway databases offer vast amounts of knowledge on biological networks.

Our aim is to present the most relevant, meaningful and interpretable patient-specific pathways to clinicians and researchers. Thus, we aim to reduce the gap between patient centered routine documentation and ontology-driven pathway and gene annotation and establish a seamless data-flow from single patient data to Systems Medicine.
For more information, please see the official project site.

Project partners

Department of Medical Bioinformatics (UMG)
Prof. Dr. Tim Beißbarth

Department of Medical Informatics (UMG)
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sax

Clinic for Surgery (UMG)
PD Dr. Jochen Gaedecke

Clinic for Hematology and Oncology (UMG)
Dr. Annalen Bleckmann (now University Medical Center Münster)

geneXplain GmbH, Wolfenbüttel
Dr. Alexander Kel

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