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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science that solves problems from biological research using theoretical computer-based methods. Key areas of bioinformatics are the management and integration of biological data, sequence analysis, structural bioinformatics and the analysis of data from high-throughput methods (~omics).

Since bioinformatics is indispensable for the analysis of data on a large scale, it is an essential pillar of Systems Medicine. The growing amount of data (genetic, molecular and imaging data) generated from individual patients or patient cohorts have led to a variety of different areas where Medical Bioinformatics plays a role in research and applications in medicine.


The Department of Medical Bioinformatics is divided into several research groups which focus on different areas.

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On the following pages you see a current overview.

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Here you find a list of all publications since 2003 of the Department of Medical Bioinformatics as well as a list of selected Bachelor/Master thesis and dissertations.

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