Below we provide resources to web services and tools resulting from our own research and development projects.

Web Services


CYTOMER is an ontology on organs/tissues, cell types, physiological systems and developmental stages focusing on the human system.



EndoNet is a database about the components of endocrine networks and their relations focusing on the endocrine cell-to-cell signaling in the human body.


This project classifies the transcription factor based on their DNA binding domains TFclass covers TFs from mammalian focusing on human and rodent.


CandActCTFR - a CFTR protein specific curated compound data base

CF-disease map

CF-disease map - an interactive systems medicine model, with a focus on CFTR protein maturation

Analysis Tools


This project is dedicated to identify potentially collaborating transcription factors (TFs) for a set of co-regulated genes based on the location of their binding sites.

TF Spiker

TF Spiker is a new method to exploit the distributions of individual TFBSs in the promoter regions of co-expressed genes in order to identify functionally important.


These tools provide access and visualization for ontologies inside your own applications and workflows.


Sequence-Dependent Nucleosome Positioning

The Nucleosome Formation (NF) score is a genome-wide resource to analyze the sequence-intrinsic support for nucleome positioning.

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