We teach a wide range of students from different fields such as in medicine, biology, biochemistry, molocular medicine, applied statistics, computer sciences and data science. Therefore we cooperate closely with the respective faculties. Below you see an overview of the courses of the current semester

Study courses

The Department of Medical Bioinformatics participates in teaching in the following courses:

  • Medicine
  • BSc/MSc study program Molecular Medicine
  • BSc/MSc study program Biology
  • BSc study program Biochemistry
  • International MSc/PhD program in Molecular Biology

Angewandte Informatik (BSc./MSc.)

  • Grundlagen der Bioinformatik (Basics of bioinformatics)
  • Molekularbiologische Datenbanken für Studierende der Informatik und Biologie (Molecular biology databases for students of computer science and biology)
  • Bioinformatik der Systembiologie I + ll (Bioinformatics of Systems Biology I + ll)
  • Molekularbiologie der eukaryotischen Zelle (Molecular biology of the eukaryotic cell)

Information for students

How to write a project report

Some helpful hints for students how to write a project report.

LaTeX template for Bachelor or Master thesis

The zip file contains the sources and a Readme file; the PDF file gives a preview of the template.

An alternative is the template from the Department of Computer Science (see "Template for Master's or Bachelor's thesis")

Student assistent, practical course, Bachelor and Master theses

The Group of Gene Regulation is currently looking for an assistant student. For more information, please see here.

In our department four working groups with different focuses are working in the field of knowledge management, data analysis
generegulation and image processing. 

Within the scope of our projects, topics for final thesis (Bachelor, Master, PhD) in the Department of Medical Bioinformatics always occur or if you as student are interested to work in the bioinformatic field (student assistant) please contact Daniela Großmann  with some information about your background and motivation.

Examples of recently completed Bachelor and Master theses:

Conrads K.,
Development and application of semantic similarity approaches for phenotypic data from the T. castaneum model organism database iBeetle-Base
Master thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2020)

Sahrhage M.,
An analysis of transcription factor pairs based on DNA-mediated properties using random forests
Master Thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2018)

Würzburg PR.:
Automated Image Analysis by Tracing Object Evolution in Time Series Data for a Diagnostic Test for Cystic Fibrosis
Bachelor thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2020)

Mertsch N.:
Quantification and analysis of distributional differences in TF-DNA binding affinities using an information theory-based approach
Bachelor thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2019)

Tucholski T.:
Development of a system for semi-automatic assignment of new sequences to the transcription factor classification TFClass
Bachleor thesis, Georg August University (2019)

For more plaese see here.

Medical doctoral thesis

Depending on you background and interest we always try to find a topic within the framework of our research and projects for a medical doctoral thesis. If you are intersted in performing your thesis in our department, please contact our project manager Ms. Daniela Großmann. 

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