Bachelor and Master Thesis

Here we provide selected Bachelor and Master theses. For reasons of data protection regulation the theses are not linked to the full text.

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Conrads K.,
Development and application of semantic similarity approaches for phenotypic data from the T. castaneum model organism database iBeetle-Base
Master thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2020)

Sahrhage M.,
An analysis of transcription factor pairs based on DNA-mediated properties using random forests
Master Thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2018)

Steins L.:
Analyzing transcription factor interactions in the embryonic development of human cardiomyocytes using PC-TraFF
Master thesis, Georg August University (2017)

Zhao J.:
Comparison between mouse and human gene expression regulation  in different embryonic cardiac developmental stages  using DNA microarray and RNA­seq data
Master Thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2017)

Daou R.:
Building an Infrastructure for Storing and Analyzing Regulatory Networks
Master thesis, Faculty of Sciences of the Lebanese University (2014)

Meckbach C.:
Identification of potential collaborating transcription factors using pointwise mutual information
Master thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2014)

Wlochowitz D.:
Characterization of cis-regulatory modules based on the colocalization of transcription factor binding sites
Master thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2013)

Ricanek, R.
OntoScope: Interaktive Visualisierung einer anatomischen Ontologie
Master thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2007) 

Bolivar, J.C.:
Analyse und Bewertung der Auswirkungen von mutierten Proteinen in Signaltransduktionskaskaden auf die Topologie biomolekularer Netzwerke und resultierende Phaenotypen durch Integration von Daten ueber pathologische Genotypen
Diplom,Georg August University Göttingen (2009) 

Vogler S.:
Vorhersage Phänotyp-spezifischer Effektor-Moleküle durch Verknüpfung von Genexpressionsdaten mit Informationen über biomolekulare Netzwerke
Diplomarbeit, Georg August University Göttingen (2008)


Tschritter D.:
Automatische Quantifizierung von Lysosomenparametern aus Mikroskopiebildern im Kontext der zystischen Fibrose
Bachelor thesis; Hochschule Emden-Leer and Georg August University Göttingen (2020)

Würzburg PR.:
Automated Image Analysis by Tracing Object Evolution in Time Series Data for a Diagnostic Test for Cystic Fibrosis
Bachelor thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2020)

Mertsch N.:
Quantification and analysis of distributional differences in TF-DNA binding affinities using an information theory-based approach
Bachelor thesis, Georg August University Göttingen (2019)

Tucholski T.:
Development of a system for semi-automatic assignment of new sequences to the transcription factor classification TFClass
Bachleor thesis, Georg August University (2019)

Eggers AG.:
Evaluation von NoSQLDatenbanken in der Bioinformatik
Bachelor thesis, Georg-August University Göttingen (2011)

Artmann, S.:
Investigation of the coEvolution of Transcription Factors and their DNA Binding Domain in Eucaryotes
Bachelor thesis ,Georg August University Göttingen (2009) 

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